Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear girls upstairs....

Dear Girls upstairs,

I am the tenant that lives directly bellow you. Over the several months that you have lived here you wake me up quite regularly. I have tried to just simply get used to your antics. Or, for some reason thought you may develop empathy or maturity on your own. Sadly I was horribly mistaken. Tonight, when I was awoken to you yelling like a monster while you stumbled down the stairs. Was a new low in this long line of oddity. You may at this point realize that the walls are very thin in these apartments. I have heard many of your yelling matches at three in the morning. Sometimes it is some person just yelling the words beer pong or just loud drunken conversations. I work 6 days a week and I am a contractor. This means that my pay is dependent on my ability to function at work. Which means, you have been costing me money. I have tried desperately to ignore you. But, it has become impossible. I am a non smoker, yet I have cigarette butts all over my back porch. I hear you beeping your car alarm at all hours of the night while you run up and down the stairs. Even though your doors are shut on your car when you turn up your music. Others can hear it very easily through the glass that is 6 feet in front of you. I am sorry that I haven't been more forth right with this information. I had considered it common knowledge. If you could please keep it down. I would greatly appreciate it. In the mean time I am looking for a new place to live and won't be renewing my lease.

Thank You,
Steve ...the guy down stairs